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Troika Dialog Recognized as the Leading Company for Information Openness on the Russian Market


Medialogia, a leading expert on Russian and foreign media, composed a rating of information openness among companies working on the Russian market for 20101. First place in the rating was awarded to Troika Dialog.

The basis for analyzing the degree of information openness and for composing the rating was the Index of information favorableness, which indicates the companys qualitative and quantitative presence in the information field, including such factors as the degree of media influence and type of reference (positive or negative), as well as advertising equivalent and scope of media audience. Also factored into the rating calculations was the frequency of company quotations in the mass media.

In composing the rating, which Medialogia prepared specially for PRIME-TASS, researchers analyzed over 117 thousand reports published in 2010 in the most influential Russian and foreign sources.

About Troika Dialog:

Founded in 1991, Troika Dialog is the leading independent full service investment bank and asset management firm in Russia. The companys business consists of securities sales and trading, investment banking, private wealth and asset management, retail distribution and alternative investment. Troika Dialogs operations are located in 21 cities across Russia plus offices in London, New York, Kyiv, Almaty and Nicosia.

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Medialogia is an independent Russian research firm focusing on mass media and the only company on the Russian market specializing in real-time media analysis. Medialogia performs media monitoring and analysis, allowing companies to measure the effectiveness of PR and marketing communications.

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