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Troika Dialog Company Group is Named Russia's Best Independent Private Bank in 2006 in the Euromoney Magazine's Rating


The Troika Dialog Company Group has been pronounced the Best Specialized Independent Private Bank in Russia in the 2006 performance rating by Euromoney, an authoritative international financial periodical.

The prestigious award was presented today within the program of the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Euromoney award was handed to Chairman of the Board of Directors, Troika Dialog CG, Ruben Vardanian and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Troika Dialog Asset Management Company, Pavel Teplukhin, who represent Troika Dialogue at the Economic Forum.

The Euromoney magazine chooses the winner in this nomination according to the results of a survey carried out in the areas of Private Banking and Wealth Management. The survey involved the world's leading investment banks, which were asked to name the companies providing the best services to their clients within this business. In this way, the winner is chosen by the leading operators on the market, which makes the award especially significant.

"This prestigious award that we have received from such an authoritative financial periodical as Euromoney is a highly important achievement for us, - Pavel Teplukhin, Chairman of the Troika Dialog AM Co. Board of Directors, commented. This recognition by experts and partners is a tangible confirmation of the fact that our company provides for its clients the best services in the area of Private Banking."

The Euromoney magazine is an acknowledged leader in the financial mass media, and renowned experts in banking and finance consider it a matter of prime importance to follow its publications regularly. The Euromoney Publishing Group is one of Europe's largest companies covering operations and developments in the world of finance. The magazine has become an exceptional financial publication covering as it does the operations on capital markets across the world. Over 145 thousand people read Euromoney every month. The magazine encompasses a vast audience of influential figures in the financial world in more than 140 countries.

Troika Dialog is a leading Russian independent investment company founded in 1991. The key areas in the company's activities are trading in securities, investment and banking services, trust assets management, and direct investments. The company's head office is located in Moscow, and a ramified network of regional offices operates in 13 major cities of Russia, and also in New York, London, Kiev, and Cyprus. Troika Dialog account for more than 45% of equity turnover at the RTS stock market, and more than 25% of the rouble bonds market. The company's trade turnover in 2006 more than doubled and amounted to over $160 billion. Troika Dialog has earned the Standard & Poor's international rating at the B level in short-term credit, and B+ level in long-term credit (Watch). Troika Dialog wins annually prestigious Russian and international prizes and awards. It has several times been recognized as the best company in various nominations in the versions of the National Association of Stock Market Participants, Global Finance, Thomson Extel, Institutional Investor, and others.

The Troika Dialog Asset Management Company, founded in 1996, is part of the Troika Dialog Group of Companies, and it is one of the largest independent companies on the trust management market. Troika Dialog offers its clients a wide range of investment strategies, each of them envisaging various ratios of rate of returns against risk. The company has under its management five open-end and five interval mutual funds, and also a closed-end real estate fund and a hedge fund. The total amount of assets under the company's management is in excess of $3.5 billion. Of this sum, more than 30.1 billion roubles is invested in mutual funds. The total assets in the company's trust management reached 39.6 billion roubles in 2006. The number of trust management clients had exceeded 800 persons by the end of the year.

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