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Change of the address (location) of Sberbank CIB Joint-stock Company


Dear Clients,

Please be aware that the legal address of Sberbank CIB Joint Stock-Company (hereinafter “the Company”) changed on 21 February 2018.

The Company’s new address (location) is: 19 Vavilova Street, Moscow, 117312.

Please specify the new address when sending documents or other information to the Company, including anything related to contracts that the Company is party to, and when filling in payment documents.

The change of the Company’s legal address (location) will not be accompanied by changes to other details, such as Primary State Registration Number, Taxpayer Identification Number, BIC, correspondent account number, or telephone numbers. The Company’s brokerage/trading and other accounts, SSI (Standing Settlement Instructions) will remain unchanged. The account holder’s address is the only thing that has changed.

Should you have any questions, please contact your manager by calling +7 (495) 258 0500.