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Sberbank CIB wins several nominations of annual Russian Bullion Awards


Sberbank CIB1 has captured awards in several nominations of Russian Bullion Awards 2015, which recognise the leaders of the Russian precious metals markets. The company came first in the nominations “Best client bank on the Russian market” and “Bank of the year on the Russian precious metals market”. In addition, Commodities Unit traders won awards in the nomination “Best precious metals market dealer”: Alexander Tuchkov took first place and Daniil Schetnikov came third.

The winners were announced on November 26 at the 17th Annual Award Ceremony for the top participants of the precious metals market, which took place during the international Russian Bullion Forum. The winners are selected through voting on, which is open to professional market participants – specialists from Russian companies, banks and subsoil users, and also foreign banks and partners. The leaders of each nomination are established by adding up the experts’ votes.

Commenting on the awards received by the team, Maxim Safonov, Head of Global Markets at Sberbank CIB, Managing Director, said: “The results of Russian Bullion Awards 2015 show that Sberbank CIB holds leading positions on the domestic market by offering optimal and comprehensive solutions to clients, including instruments linked to precious metals. Awards like this are a testament to the well-coordinated and efficient work performed by our team as well as our adherence to the highest possible standards of expertise and integrity.”

The team’s successes and high level of industry expertise was also noted by many of the participants of Sberbank CIB’s Metals & Mining and Fertilizer conference, which was held on November 25. The event served as an opportunity for experts, clients, bankers and representatives of government agencies to look at the sector from different points of view and determine optimal development strategies.

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