You are:


Your objective is:

to get financing immediately after delivery of goods and services

You are:


Your objective is:

to increase payment deferment under the contract

Our solution:


Factoring assumes financing under the assignment of the supplier’s money claim to the borrower, and rendering services for receivables management.

The electronic document management technology (-factoring) is used during factoring financing that allows enhance the document flow quality and to reduce operational costs.

Advantages of factoring for the supplier:

  • Financing without security. Receivables act as security;
  • Prompt receipt of working capital. Financing immediately after the shipment of goods;
  • Electronic document flow. -factoring technology;
  • Reduction of suppliers/contractors cash flow.

Advantages of factoring for the borrower:

  • Increase of payment deferment;
  • Reduction of product purchase value due to increase of loyalty of one’s suppliers and contractors;
  • Absence of collateral;
  • Raising additional financial resources without deterioration of the balance sheet structure.


Factoring contributes to the increase of capital turnover and, as a result, to the development of client business. The suppliers get access to cheap financial resources, financing without collateral, and coverage of cash shortages by virtue of getting payments immediately after the shipment of goods or rendering of services. Organization of the factoring scheme without recourse also allows minimizing the credit risk of trading activities. The optimum solution for the largest clients is reverse factoring that provides the release of floating capital and financing of the company’s purchases.

*The factoring services are provided by Sberbank Factoring Ltd.