Requirements on Clients information update

Dear Client,

Joint-Stock Company "Sberbank CIB" (hereinafter referred to as the “Investment company”) would like to note you that in order to comply with legislation requirements you shall promptly provide the Investment company with information concerning any changes (if any) that took place during last six months in:

  • registration and passport data; and (or)
  • incorporation and other documents, earlier provided to the Investment company; and (or)
  • contact details; and (or)
  • bank details and other information; and (or)
  • information concerning your capacity; and (or)
  • information concerning your legal representatives, beneficiaries, beneficial owners; and (or)
  • status of the person which is subject to a foreign law on the taxation of foreign accounts (FATCA, 173-FZ); and (or)
  • any other information rendered to the Investment company; (hereinafter referred to as “Changes”).

Provision of the abovementioned information is needed only if any changes were made in it during the last six months.

In case the Investment company does no receive any confirmation of Changes or absence thereof during two weeks since this message is sent to you all stated above and information provided by you earlier will be deemed up-to-date with no changes. Any Changes shall be proved by means of rendering the Investment company with cop thereof.

Please note that in order to fulfill the requirements of the current legislation, in case of doubt about the authenticity and accuracy of information previously received, the Investment company may decide to conduct further operations only after obtaining updated information and (or) documents.