Currency Risks Hedging and Derivatives

You need:

to acquire a required currency for performing transactions and settlements, to neutralize the risk of fluctuations of the currency exchange rate, or interest rates, in future.

Our solution:

hedging currency risks through derivatives for currencies

Clients of Sberbank CIB are offered the following products:

  • currency forwards enabling to fix a currency exchange rate for a moment in future;
  • currency swaps – one of the main tools for raising or placement of liquidity in rubles;
  • currency options enabling one of the transaction participants to convert the currency at a fixed price. Sberbank CIB performs transactions with conventional American/European options, option structures and exotic options;
  • dual currency deposits having advantages over simple deposits due to the bank’s right to return the face value in one of a number of currencies.


Hedging enables companies exposed to foreign currency risks:

  • to avoid financial losses in case of adverse variation of the currency exchange rate in future;
  • for companies to have a simplified process of planning of the key financial parameters of economic activities owing to the possibility to fix the future value of the currency exchange rate.