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Troika Dialog’s “AAA” Rating (Maximum Reliability) Confirmed by National Ratings Agency


The National Rating Agency has confirmed CJSC Troika Dialog Investment Company’s individual reliability rating at “AAA” (maximum reliability). The NRA noted that the company’s integration with Sberbank is capable of significantly strengthening the company’s market positions. In addition, the necessary synergy is present for developing the investment banking unit, services that are more marginal in the link with traditional commercial banking where Sberbank – one of the undisputed market leaders – holds strong positions.

The rating decision was reinforced by the leading positions the company occupied in professional market ratings in 2011. According to the NRA’s assessment, CJSC Troika Dialog Investment Company is the largest Russian broker in turns of securities deals turnover and is among the top three leaders by volume of assets and equity capital. Besides this the agency emphasised that recently Troika Dialog’s team has been strengthened by the appointments of many renowned professionals.

“As a result of the integration, the beginning of which was announced a year ago, the reliability of Troika Dialog will grow substantially, client trust in the company will increase and new global business development opportunities will arise,” commented National Rating Agency Senior Analyst Maxim Vasin.

CJSC Troika Dialog Investment Company has been assigned an individual reliability rating since 2011.

Further information:

National Rating Agency (NRA) has provided ratings of financial market participants since 2000 and is one of the leading independent ratings agencies in Russia. The NRA currently assigns ratings to over 200 companies. Over 800 companies and banks participate in the NRA’s other informational projects, the materials of which are regularly published in the media, the agency’s website and on social media resources. These include banks, insurance, investment and asset management companies, leasing companies, non-bank credit organisations, real sector companies, pension funds, and registrars, many of which are listed public companies and have market (stock exchange) quotes of debt and equity.

NRA’s ratings are officially recognised by the Russian financial market government regulators, government bodies, corporations, professional associations and major organisations.

In the process of assigning an individual rating the NRA applies special rating models developed individually for each industry. These models have undergone and successfully passed testing in advanced risk management systems on the financial market and been assessed by market experts. When assigning a rating the main focus is placed upon high-quality information. In addition, financial indicators play an important role in the rating process. The following are regarded as qualitative indicators for rating a company: level of corporate management, existence of a risk management system and how it functions, business diversification level, quality of client base and company assets, presence of major partners and counterparties, deployment of a concise development strategy, etc. Thus a reliability or solvency rating is an aggregate index aimed at representing the quality of the bank or company based on the fullest possible information, and in this sense an individual rating may be of greatest interest.

Troika Dialog is a subsidiary company of Sberbank of Russia, and is one of the leading investment companies operating in the CIS. The key business areas of Troika Dialog, founded in 1991, are securities sales and trading, investment banking, private wealth and asset management, direct and venture investments, as well as personal investment and finance. Troika Dialog’s operations are located in 21 cities across Russia plus offices in New York, London, Nicosia, Kyiv and Almaty.