Job Openings

Data Scientist

Global Markets Trading. Quants Group


  • To support and develop new data-processing and data-analysis models and systems in GM


Under the supervision of senior staff members:

  • Develop new software for data processing, analysis and visualization
  • Support and maintain existing data collection, analysis and visualization systems
  • Develop and test algorithmic solutions for different GM trading tasks
  • Perform market research and prepare technical presentations for different market microstructure situations
  • Use machine learning techniques to develop automation for the GM desks


Professional experience:

  • 3+ years work in software development: C/C++/C#/Python/Java
  • Experience with both MS Windows and UNIX-based systems
  • Experience with code refactoring; working with other peoples code

Specialized knowledge:

  • Programming skills C++/C/C#, JavaScript, Python
  • Database technologies: MS SQL, Postgre SQL, KDB, MongoDB, Hadoop
  • Statistics: R/S+, MATLAB, EViews
  • Machine learning: modelling with Teano, TensorFlow, Keras
  • Experience with DevExtreme/DevExpress
  • Understanding of basic patterns/anti-patterns of software development process
  • Excellent analytical skills


  • University degree in Maths
  • Good command of English

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