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Sberbank CIB holds Russia: The Inside Track one-on-one conference


Yesterday, April 15, Sberbank CIB’s1 investment conference Russia: The Inside Track came to an end. The conference was held in the format of one-on-one meetings between investors and top management of corporations. This is a traditional format for Sberbank CIB, which last held this sort of conference in London in September 2014.

The Moscow conference was attended by 125 delegates from 35 companies and more than 100 representatives of the investment community, including portfolio managers and analysts from major global institutional investors. Participants came from a range of countries: the US, UK, Switzerland, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany, Singapore and Russia.

Over the two days of the conference, around 1,000 one-on-one and small group meetings were held. Round tables were also held, which were attended by opinion leaders such as Herman Gref, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank, Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation, and Igor Dmitriev, Head of Monetary Policy Department, Central Bank of Russia. Round tables were also held by independent macroeconomic and political experts: Alexey Kudrin, Chairman of the Civil Initiatives Committee, and Dmitry Trenin, Director of the Carnegie Moscow Center.

“Russia: The Inside Track was popular among investors and public companies, and we have received positive feedback from those who attended,” commented Oleg Ganeev, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank, Head of Sberbank CIB. “At Sberbank CIB we believe that the Russian market offers a wide range of opportunities. We are a reliable partner to institutional investors and help them find promising investment ideas and projects.”

“Sberbank CIB’s conference is an important and well-timed event. The Russian economy is gradually recovering, in part due to the stabilisation of oil prices and the rouble exchange rate. For investors this is a time of massive opportunities because many Russian assets are fundamentally undervalued. A direct and open dialogue between business, investors and government representatives is essential in order to find new areas of growth,” remarked Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Finance Minister of the Russian Federation.

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