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Sberbank CIB organises placement of four issues of exchange-traded bonds for Gazprom Capital JSC worth RUB 30 bln


Sberbank announces that the order book for Gazprom Capital JSC’s series B-01, B-02, B-03 and B-4 exchange-traded bonds was closed on 20 February 2018. Gazprom PJSC will act as the guarantor of the bonds.

The series BO-01 and BO-02 bonds are worth RUB 5 bln each, and the BO-03 and BO-04 bonds are worth RUB 10 bln each. The bonds are due in 10 years, and the nominal value of one bond is 1,000 roubles. The bonds were placed at 100% of the nominal value and have a 7-year put option. The bonds have semi-annual coupons (182 days). The issues meet the requirements for inclusion in the Lombard List of the Bank of Russia.

The initial guidance for the first coupon was set at a range of 7.30%-7.40% per annum, which corresponds to a yield to put of 7.43%-7.54% per annum. During book building the guidance was lowered several times to 7.10-7.15% per annum, which corresponds to a yield to put of 7.23%-7.28% per annum. The final guidance for the first coupon was set at 7.15% per annum, which corresponds to a yield to put of 7.28% per annum.

More than 65 investor bids were received during book building to a total of RUB 52 bln. Based on the results of book building, the first coupon was set at 7.15% per annum, which corresponds to a yield to put of 7.28% per annum.

The technical placement of the issue is planned for 27 February 2018 on the MICEX Stock Exchange.

The placement was organised by Sberbank CIB1, Gazprombank, and VTB Capital. The placement agent is Sberbank CIB.

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1 On the basis of JSC “Sberbank CIB” and Sberbank.
2 Banking products and services provided by Sberbank.