Our Values

We have a goal – this is what any business starts with. We are building a plan to achieve this goal and are realising our objectives by anticipating the future, enjoying our work and operating professionally. For us, the Sberbank CIB team, values are important – they serve as the basis when making decisions, define our conduct, form our way of thinking and motivate us to succeed.

“We are fortunate people because we believe in what we do and do what we believe in”

  1. We believe that our success is founded on Win-Win-Win: for clients, the bank, and employees. With us no one loses out.
  2. We believe in open and honest dialogue, regardless of position or title.
  3. We believe that we need to be today, where others will only get to tomorrow.
  4. We believe that it’s possible to speak different languages but work towards the same cause.
  5. We believe that leadership must be proven day in and day out. Past achievements don’t count.
  6. We believe that in a rapidly-changing world our speed and flexibility are integral for our success.
  7. We believe that we should enjoy working together.
  8. We believe in the power of humour to help us overcome any obstacle.