Lease Service

You require to:

Purchase transport, specialized vehicles, air and railway transport, sea and river vessels, industrial equipment or immovable property

Our solution:

Buying through leasing*

Leasing is the type of financial services for purchase and replacement of fixed assets by the enterprises. The financial lessor acquires title on the property and grants this property for use to the lessee for a specific period for a monthly recurring fee with the right of repurchase. The leasing subject remains on the balance sheet of the financial lessor that gives the client a number of advantages.

Advantages of leasing:

  • Leasing allows reduce the tax base of the enterprise, as all the payments under the leasing agreement are included in the cost, following which the profit tax is reduced;
  • Entire VAT amount under the contract is offset;
  • Property tax volume reduces three times following the accelerated depreciation of the leasing subject;
  • No requirement to raise floating capital from the organization’s production process;
  • Leasing helps minimize the debt overburden level of the enterprise and improves the reporting structure.

*The leasing services are provided by Sberbank Leasing JSC.