Trade Finance

Your purpose:

raise funds to carryy out foreign trade operations of your organization

Our solution:

trade finance services

Sberbank CIB offers its clients the full range of trade finance products viz. for import, export and settlements within the Russian Federation. Depending on the transaction parameters, our clients have the possibility of getting finance for a period up to 18 years.

For export

Foreign trade finance

Lending to businesses through the resources raised by Sberbank PJSC on the international market that gives the potential for reducing the final cost of finance for the client.

Finance under EXIAR coverage

Provision of loan to suppliers of non-resource exports for implementing export contracts under the insurance coverage of the Russian Agency for insuring export loans and investments- EXIAR (National export credit agency (ECA), created under the activation of the development and implementation of Russian export support program).

Supply chain finance (SCF)

The financing of cross-border trading activities of clients, including Commodity Trade Finance, allowing both the buyers and sellers participating in the transaction optimize their floating capital. More often reverse factoring is used as the finance solution.

Post-export financing

Financing under the letter of credit, opened by the counterparty bank in favor of the supplier. Sberbank PJSC provides loan to the counterparty bank that has issued the letter of credit for making payment to the supplier under the letter of credit.

Commodity Trade Finance

Finance of export operations and international trade of companies, supplying raw materials products abroad. It is made based on Sberbank (Switzerland) AG2, and other subsidiary banks of the Sberbank Group.

For import

Post-import finance

Financing of payments on the contract with foreign supplier under the letter of credit. The payment under the letter of credit in favor of the foreign exporter is made by the foreign bank, by providing payment deferment to Sberbank PJSC, which in turn provides payment deferment to its client.

Long-term financing under the coverage of export credit agencies (ECA)

Finance of contracts for import of goods and services by raising funding with the participation of foreign export-credit agencies (ECA).

Foreign trade financing

Lending to businesses through the resources raised by Sberbank PJSC on the international market that gives the opportunity to reduce the final cost of financing for the client.

Unsecured letters of credit under the client exposure

A limit is established for the client, under which the Bank opens the letters of credit without formation of coverage.

For settlements within RF

Domestic letter of credit

One of the most protected forms of settlements within the Russian Federation. Attractive instrument for financing transaction.

Domestic unsecured letter of credit with early repayment

For Russian suppliers/contractors, coming up against the situations, when the buyers/customers request payment deferment, and the supplier/contractor is limited in raising resources for these purposes. The payments can be made by domestic unsecured letters of credit with payment deferment until the end of such deferment at the cost of the bank’s resources in favor of the beneficiary of resources. Thus, this product can act an alternative to the bank buying out the receivables of the buyer/customer, formed by the payment deferment.

Unsecured letter of credit under the client exposure

It is used for making settlements with the suppliers without diversion of own funds from circulation. A renewable multi-currency limit for performing trade finance activities is established for the client, under which the Bank opens letters of credit without forming coverage or even without collateral. The client makes settlements with the product suppliers without using own and/or borrowed funds on the date of issue of the letter of credit.