Currency Exchange Operations

*List of currencies

RUB (Russian ruble)
USD (United States dollar)
EUR (euro)
JPY (Japanese yen)
GBP (British pound)
CHF (Swiss franc)
SGD (Singapore dollar)
TRY (Turkish lira)
HRK (Croatian kuna)
KZT (Kazakh tenge)
CNH (Chinese yuan)
AUD (Australian dollar)
CAD (Canadian dollar)
NOK (Norwegian krone)
SEK (Swedish krona)
DKK (Danish krone)
CZK (Czech koruna)
HUF (Hungarian forint)
PLN (Polish zloty)
BYR (Belarusian ruble)

Your goal:

to acquire a required foreign currency, or to place cash liquidity.

Our solution:

foreign exchange operations.

Customers of Sberbank CIB are offered the following products and services:

  • transactions with more than 20 different currencies*;
  • transactions on "today" (with settlement on the date of transaction), "tomorrow" (with settlement on the working day following the date of transaction), "spot" (with settlement on the second working day following the date of transaction) conditions;
  • derivative products: currency forwards, currency swaps and options.

Our clients are offered various channels for conclusion of transactions:

  • our own electronic platform – Sberbank Markets, which enables to make transactions online;
  • Bloomberg and Reuters Dealing electronic systems;
  • conventional transaction conclusion channels (telephone, printed confirmations).