Venture Capital Financing

Your goal:

To obtain financing for rapidly growing companies of the new economy (that have an innovative development model/innovative products) to get to the breakeven point and ensure growth

Our solution:

Venture capital financing is the provision of financing to innovative companies that have considerable growth potential

Requirements for companies:

  • Product is available for all industries, while the target industries are IT, internet, biotechnologies, e-commerce, telecoms, software, hardware and other high-tech areas
  • Annual revenue should exceed 0.8 bln roubles
  • Unique product/service that is a market leader and hard to replicate
  • Strong market positions: a player included in the top 3-5 on the target market with a potential market size of at least 60 billion roubles

Specific features of venture capital financing:

  • Provided both as a loan and through the purchase of stock, which is to be repurchased
  • Interest rates are higher compared to a traditional bank loan due to equity risks
  • Financing is provided for 3-7 years with the return of funds at the end of the term.