Cash Collection Service

Your goal:

transportation of cash and valuables

Our solution:

cash collection services*

Within highly structured transactions, and in addition to other products and services, Sberbank CIB offers to its clients cash collection services.

Why Sberbank:

  • various options for delivery of trade receipts, depending on the client’s requirements and facilities;
  • possibility of organization of individual service plans;
  • possibility to receive and deliver cash in the immediate vicinity to the client’s location owing to an extended network of the Bank’s ATMs and payment terminals;
  • crediting monetary funds online through the Bank’s ATMs and payment terminals;
  • prompt crediting of received cash onto the client’s account via the Bank’s own settlement system;
  • Sberbank’s own cash collection service.


Additional services:

  • "centralized contract" — possibility to credit monetary funds of the client’s company collected in the country’s different regions onto bank accounts opened with Sberbank, or another lending institution;
  • delivery of cash to a customer’s trade facility, as soon as it is opened;
  • formation of the cash exchange procedure and its submission to a third-party carrier for subsequent delivery to a customer's trade facility.

*Banking products and services are provided by Sberbank.
 General license for banking operations issued on the 11th August, 2015. Registration No. 1481