Custody Services

Your goal:

to ensure safe custody of securities and performing necessary transactions therewith

Our solution:

services on maintaining custody accounts and accounting of transactions with securities

Custody services at Sberbank CIB comprise:

  • opening all types of custody accounts;
  • safekeeping and accounting the ownership rights to securities;
  • conducting depository transactions with securities;
  • security encumbrance;
  • corporate actions of issuers;
  • distribution of income from securities;
  • reconciliation and subsequent control of custody transactions.

Depository operations are exercised based on license of professional participants in the securities market No. 177-06527-000100 issued by the Financial Markets Service of the Russian Federation 08/04/2003.

For safe custody of securities of its depositors, Sberbank CIB uses nominee accounts opened with the National Settlement Depository of the Russian Federation (NPO JSC NSD).