Trade Finance Trasaction

Your goal:

to guarantee fulfillment of mutual obligations at implementation of a transaction

Our solution:

trade finance transactions*

Sberbank CIB offers to its clients trade finance transactions for imports, exports and settlements on the Russian Federation territory.

For imports and exports:

international letter of credit:

  • enables to lower risks at settlements under contracts;
  • enables to obtain financing on special terms;

international standby letter of credit:

  • analog of the bank guarantee;
  • used for protection from risks of default on contractual obligations by counterparties;
  • high level of legal safety (subject to uniform international rules for documentary letters of credit, as distinct from a bank guarantee, which is generally subject to legislation of the country of location of the bank, which issued the guarantee);

international cash letter:

  • provides an extra security for contractual obligations;
  • the buyer makes a decision on payment for goods only after receipt from the bank of documents certifying fulfillment by the seller of its obligations.

For settlements on the Russian Federation territory

domestic Russian letter of credit:

  • used for settlements under internal Russian contracts, minimization of commercial risks of the parties, for obtaining financing on special terms.


Trade finance transactions enable to minimize various types of risks including credit, commercial, currency and country-specific risks, to avoid the necessity in advance payments, to exercise payments on a deferred basis, to reduce the cost of borrowed resources, as well as to guarantee legal protection.

*Banking products and services are provided by Sberbank.
 General license for banking operations issued on the 11th August, 2015. Registration No. 1481