International Business Services and Currency Control

You need:

Comprehensive banking service related to currency operations and international business service

Our solution:

  • International business services and currency control*
  • Consulting and information support of transactions under service
  • Electronic services* for informing / prevention of violations of currency legislation

We offer:

  • preparation and service of transaction reports for foreign trade transactions and loan agreements with foreign contractors; currency transactions not requiring registration of a transaction report; purchase and sale of foreign currency;
  • consulting on foreign trade and credit agreements with foreign contracting parties ensuring the financial interests of the bank’s client in strict observance of the norms of the currency legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • optimal arrangements for interaction with foreign partners, assistance in choosing the best forms of payment;
  • consulting service on matters pertaining to foreign exchange control documents: transaction certificate, statement of supporting documents, statement of foreign currency transactions and other documents submitted to the bank as required by Russian legislation and regulations of the Bank of Russia;
  • information support for the bank’s clients: changes in the Russian Federation currency legislation and new banking products and services for international business;
  • seminars for the bank’s clients on practical application of the Russian Federation currency legislation, including on administrative liability for violation of the Russian Federation currency legislation;
  • differentiated tariff policy on the bank’s commission charges for acting as a foreign exchange control agent.

Advantages of Sberbank CIB:

  • Servicing international business clients by an individual currency control specialist knowing specifics of the relevant sector (metallurgy, power engineering, insurance, oil & gas, etc.).
  • Consulting on currency control, on execution of payment orders in rubles and foreign currency, correctness of the account number in the EUR zone (IBAN-checker).
  • Preparation of currency control documents within 4 hours from submission to the bank.


Owing to a high international rating and a broad network of correspondent relations, our company’s clients can enjoy special conditions, when issued with loans by foreign banks, have international trade projects implemented at lower costs, as well as make settlements worldwide, and optimize payment routes and systems.

*Banking products and services are provided by Sberbank.
 General license for banking operations issued on the 11th August, 2015. Registration No. 1481